A Wandering Rat

Looking for odd Shaped rocks to skip across the ocean.

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Sitting staring watching waiting breathing thinking living dying crying smiling dreaming singing stabbing loving hating lying

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From the Belvedere Palace in Vienna.

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Werner Reiterer "Breath" 2009, Bleistift auf Papier, 70 x 50 cm Courtesy Galerie Ursula Krinzinger, Wien © VBK, Wien

Intervention: Werner Reiterer. Breath

Upper Belvedere

19 November 2009 to 28 March 2010

Werner Reiterer (b.1964 in Graz) works with a great variety of media. Employing conspiratorial methods, he succeeds in implanting sculptural components into space that leave unforeseen impressions thanks to the consistent distortion of traditional parameters. His intervention Breath invites the public to actively overcome socioculturally acquired behavioral rules. The interactive nature of his installation functions as a “sculptural catalyst” capable of enlightening and lightening up both the visitors and the museum as an institution and architectural structure. When the visitors follow Reiterer’s instructions and scream as loud as they can, the Belvedere’s Marble Hall will awake from its Baroque slumber to an impressive light and sound installation.

We got to do this when we were there, one of the most awkward feelings shouting in a museum.  Super cool though.  

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stretch relax a violet rosy lilac blue bust

froth of electric light in a champagne glass(30 meters) sizzle  evaporate in a mouthful of darkness   electric signs dim  die under a dark stiff handle to come to life again  continue stretch out in the night the human day’s activity courage + folly never to die or cease or sleep   electric sign = formation and disaggregation of mineral and vegetable center of the earth   circulation of blood in the ferrous faces of futurist houses increases, empurples ( joy anger more more still stronger)  as soon as the negative pessimist sentimental nostalgic shadows besiege the city  brilliant revival of streets that channel a smoky swarm of workers by day   two horses (30 meters tall)   rolling golden balls with their hoofs GIOCONDA PURGATIVE WATERS   crisscross trrrr trrrrr Elavated trrrr trrrrr overhead trrrrombone whisssstle ambulance sirens and firetrucks   transformation of the streets into splendid corridors to guide push logic necessity the crowd toward trepidation + laughter + music hall uproar   FOLIES-BERGERE EMPIRE CREME-ECLIPSE tubes of mercury red red red blue violet   huge letter-eels of gold purple diamond fire Futurist defiance to the weepy night  the stars’ defeat warmth enthusiasm faith conviction will power penetration of an electric sign into the house across the street yellow slaps for that gouty, dozy bibliophile in slippers  3 mirrors watch him   the sign plunges 3 redgold abysses open  close  open  close 3-thousand meters deep    horror    quick go  out  out  hat stick steps taximeter push shove zuu zuoeu here we are   dazzle of the promenade   solemnity of the panther-cocottes in their comic-opera tropics   fat warm smell of music hall gaiety = tireless ventilation of the world’s Futurist brain.